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Inventory Management

Inventory Management is one of the basic problems for a company. It may cause a lot of paperwork, if there is no automated system available. Implementing such a system is possible but there are a lot of preliminary works such as determination of the requirements, system structure decision—software requirements, barcode system selection and determination of the software tools.
Inventory Management System (IMS) is generally used by IT Office/Department or Accounting Office of a company or a university. Therefore, searching the basic needs for implementation is the first step of IMS design. Several meetings with IT Office and Accounting Office are arranged. Accounting Office needs detailed reporting tools, detailed categorization and declaration of specifications on each item, purchasing and billing info.

Connekt Retail

Retail Management Software is beneficial for all types of business. It can manage a small business, Retail, Whole sale, Outlet and can scale-up to manage a retail chain of hundreds of stores. This software is best suitable for Businesses like: Trader of Raw Martial, General Supplies, Consumer Goods, Retail Shops, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics, and Spare Parts etc…
Retail management intersects at many points with the larger process of moving products from suppliers to consumers.Just as important, you can adapt Connekt Retail Management System Software to meet the needs of your business.

Cloth Manager

Cloth Manager is a clothes management system specially developed to meet the needs of importers, wholesalers, re-sellers and retailers across the full spectrum of the clothing and garment distribution industry.
A unique bulk order matrix is available for rapid and easy order entry and reporting. Orders can be instantly fulfilled from stock or held for automatic or manual order fulfilment including complete control over customer priorities and delivery due dates. Customer Relationship Management and sales order processing with quotations and proformas are fully integrated with instant access to customer history and buying information including follow up calls and actions and customer specific settings and options.

CRM (Order Management)

Customer Order Mangement integrates and streamlines the special process so that you can easily source items, track delivery and fulfill orders. The order flow is straight forward: when a customer requests an item that is backordered or not stocked, the system displays a sourcing menu with a variety of options.
COM provides detailed history for each order, including price changes and delivery dates. With COM, you will no longer view special orders as a time consuming headache.
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